BNSF Galata Subdivision V1.0

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This is a fiction route based off of eastern Montana, the BNSF Galata Subdivision is approximately 9.5 miles long and has some sawtooth gradient, I tried to make it as realistic as possible. The subdivision has 5 customers including the RUDYARD COOP, AmeriGas Propane, and the SEA-SNO Lumber Company. There is a few more tossed in. This route requires a lot of freeware assets and a few Payware assets.


Payware Requirements:
The Racetrack. Aurora - Chicago
Soldier Summit
Stevens Pass
Sherman Hill
New York New Haven
Montana Hi-Line

Freeware Requirements:
RCAP Pack from Railworks America
"Large Propane Storage Tanks" from Railworks America
"Barricade" from Railworks America
Marias Pass and Montana Hi Line Backdating kits from Steam Workshop
"Grade Crossing Guardrail" from Railworks America

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions in Read Me file inside download.


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So I just remembered that to use this route you also have to have the freeware Searchlight Simulations BNSF Track Flags that are Heavily Used.

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