Version 1.11: schedule releases in advance

Written by Alex · Published 2 months ago · Last updated 2 months ago

Welcome to version 1.11 of the TSC Mods website. This release is a relatively small one, with one new feature being added. Furthermore, there are some minor under-the-hood fixes and improvements.

Schedule publishing in advance
When you submit a new mod, or an update to an existing mod, you can now specify the date and time of when it will be published. This can for example be useful if you want the release to coincide with that of a new video on your YouTube channel.

To specify a publishing moment, select "Do not publish before" at the bottom of the request screen, then enter the preferred date and time. Please note that this moment has to be specified in UTC (coordinated universal time) and not your local time. Want to compare between local time and UTC?

Scheduling a release in advance does not skip our review and approval process. If a timely release is important to you, please make sure to submit your request well in advance!