Version 1.9 now live

Written by Alex · Published 3 months ago · Last updated 3 months ago

Welcome to Release 1.9 of the Train Sim Community mods website. In this release, we've added several exciting new features for your enjoyment. The highlights of this release are:

Provide feedback for mods

You can now leave feedback for a mod, by giving it a thumbs up or a thumbs down. This is a quick and ease way to let the author know what you think of it. Of course, you can always leave a comment too!

You'll have to be logged in to your TSC account to be able to leave a like or a comment.

Push notifications

We've added a new way to keep you informed of what's happening on the site: push notifications. This is a lightweight way of keeping you informed of what's happening, just like with apps on your smartphone. You can enable push notifications by going into the Notifications section of your user account.

Of course, getting notifications via email remains possible.

Enhanced CommonMark support

In addition to the CommonMark (Markdown) text styling features that were available previously, some enhancements have been made. Web addresses now get converted into clickable hyperlinks automatically, and it is now possible to directly embed YouTube videos using the following syntax:


Which results in the following:

Other changes

Various other changes have been made to the site, such as:

  • Tweaks to the site's colour scheme to improve legibility
  • Improvements to requests: you can now cancel a request after submitting it, and a duplicate check will prevent conflicting requests from being created for the same item.
  • Added sorting options to categories
  • Various improvements to deal with specific error cases.


What do you think of this new release of the website? Please head over to our Discord server and let us know!