TSW 2 Mod Manager 2.0.2

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With the TSW 2 Mod Manager you can do the following things:

  • Activate and deactivate mods quickly (especially useful for mods that aren't compatible with each other or for Legacy Repaints).
  • Browse a mod database to find new mods you could like.
  • Install mods directly from your downloads directory, even from within zip archives.
  • Manage your mods with mod collections. This way you can enable many mods that belong together at once or make sure you don't have conflicting repaints activated.
  • The Mod Manager automatically downloads metadata for your installed mods (when they are available). With the metadata you can easily filter and search for the mods to quicker find what you searched for.

The patch notes for previous version as well as an alternative download link are available at https://tsw-mod-manager.de/.

The TSW 2 Mod Manager updates itself automatically as soon as an update is available.

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Avatar of EiHowa
EiHowa 2 months ago

are there mods/repaints from rail-sim.de and trainsim.cz

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Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays 2 months ago

@EiHowa What do you mean?

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Avatar of Monder
Monder one month ago

If I already have a bunch of mods installed, will there be any problems installing this over them?

Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays one month ago

No not at all. This won’t affect your installed mods. You can always install mods the classic way with the Mod Manager installed.

Avatar of JustWentSouth
JustWentSouth 17 days ago

This is really nice! It automatically populated with all of the mods I had previously installled. Thanks!

Avatar of engineer king
engineer king 4 days ago

how do you add a route to tws2 like Clinchfield Thanks

Avatar of Stexred
Stexred 16 hours ago

very nice tool
is it possible to add these 2 functions
search/filter to find mods faster instead of having go through all the mods
an mod updater or an exclamation that there is a newer version for the mod

Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays 12 hours ago

What 2 functions do you mean?

A mod updater isn’t planned for now as that’s a pretty big topic but I have planned to add a notice for outdated mods already.

Avatar of JustWentSouth
JustWentSouth 9 hours ago

Thanks! I really enjoy this utility.

Avatar of BAZINGA
BAZINGA 26 days ago

An excellent MOD. Thanks!

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