HST Sound Mod V2

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A punchy way to hear the Class 43 using clear recordings. No more hairdryer! Also included are new recordings for the Mk3 coach primarily to make fly-bys more realistic.



Great Western Express for Train Sim World 2

Installation Instructions

Place either the "Class 43 sound mod" or the " Class 43 valenta sound mod" into your DLC folder, and then the "Mk3 coach sound mod" too.

Tags: class-43 gwe hst intercity-125 mk3-coach


TS2Prototype-Class43SoundMod22.pak 10 MB · Downloaded 448×
TS2Prototype-Mk3CoachSoundMod20.pak 516 KB · Downloaded 445×
Changelog - Class 43 Valenta.txt 617 B · Downloaded 148×
TS2Prototype-Class43ValentaSoundMod2.pak 5 MB · Downloaded 202×


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