AC4400cw imursive sound enhancement V1.1

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Today I publish a mod that enhances the sound of the AC4400, for the engine I used the orriginal sounds and moddified them to sound more imursive.
I remixed the running sounds to include a electro motor "whine" while running at higher speeds.
Also the audio for the compressor is enhanced, now it has the famous "whoop" at the beginning, lastly I added a new horn from searchlight simulations.

A big thank you to Kevin Schulz from searchlight simulations for letting me use his horn!
Check out his site for high quality sound upgrades and TrainSimulator add ons.
Also a big thank you to @ChrisArizona for providing the raw sound of the compressor!

Use headphones for the best experience :)

Drive safe and have fun!
Please let me know what you think of the mod and if you have any suggestions or improvements I'm happy to hear from you.


Train Sim World 2

Installation Instructions

Paste the .pak file in your DLC folder.
drive:\steam\steamapps\common\Train Sim World 2\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC

Additional Comments

The second file/download is a version without a horn so you can download a horn to your liking.

Discord: @Nirob staals #9427

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TS2Prototype_AC4400cw_Sound_Enhancement.pak 3 MB · Downloaded 386×
TS2PrototypeAC4400CW-SoundMod-No-Horn.pak 3 MB · Downloaded 148×


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WarChief 21 days ago

Excellent sound and thank you so much for your hard work both your sound mods sound terrific and love the 'whoop' sound that's how it should sound .. I hope DTG picks up some clues from your sound mod

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Avatar of Nirob
Nirob 21 days ago

Thank you for your kind words WarChief I appreciate it :)

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Avatar of JustWentSouth
JustWentSouth 19 days ago

This is amazing! Sounds are so important to NA diesels and this nails it. You have saved the 4400 for me. Many thanks!

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JustWentSouth 19 days ago

Would you consider horn or sound mods for the other SPG locos, especially the Dash-8? Thanks again for all your work!

Avatar of Nirob
Nirob 19 days ago

I defenetly can look into that, the sounds of a ac44 and dash-8 aren't that different. But right now I do not have alot of spare time, so that'l be for future work.
Thanks for the kind words and good suggestion :)

Avatar of 1979
1979 16 days ago

Awesome work!

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