Class 66 Sound Mod V1.0

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This is a mod which changes the outdated default TS2013 audio files and brings it more up-to-date.

This mod includes a few core changes to improve the experience of the Class 66, these include:

A New and more realistic idle
New engine notching sounds
A New EM2000 panel audio


Version 1.0 is currently what I class as an "early version" there will be changes and new implementations in future updates to come.

Please feel free to leave any comments & suggestions



East Coastway Route Addon

Installation Instructions

Drag & drop the .pak file into your TSW "DLC" folder.

Additional Comments

Please do NOT upload this mod anywhere else without my permission first!

Tags: class-66


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Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 one month ago

Good job !

Avatar of ROB S
ROB S one month ago

So much better than what we had by default. Thanks for addressing this!

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