Clinchfield Reimagined

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** To anyone who has already downloaded my mod prior to April 23rd, I have updated the file to a newer version, so please re-download and replace the old one. **

I present to you Clinchfield Reimagined. A texture mod for the Clinchfield route. I started making this mod because I was dissatisfied with the texturing on the new and lovely Clinchfield route. Specifically, the texture patterns that were apparent at medium to long distance and in areas with no grass. You would be travelling down the route, immersed in your sim, HUD off and all that jazz, and then bam, the grass disappears. Or you have a long stretch ahead and all you see is perfect patterns, patterns everywhere. Pattern on the ballast, patterns on the ground and the hills, everywhere you look, and most importantly, they are so jarring that they break your immersion completely.

So I decided to do something about it. My primary objective was to get rid of the patterns, and secondary objective was to adjust the tone of the route ever so slightly because DTG made it look way to arid, like it's in Nevada or something, whereas the route is in Virginia and Kentucky, which are green during summer. Anyway, I know my replacement textures are not perfect, but I wanted to make the route more enjoyable, and to be able to do a full route run without breaking immersion, and I succeeded, and now thoroughly enjoy running this route although it's not perfect.

I created this with no intention of releasing it to the public, however I am actually quite pleased with how it makes the route look and thought that if I do, so will others. This mod is subject to change, I will most likely make changes as I receive suggestions, and am completely open to them, so please feel free to comment with yours.


Train Sim World 2: Clinchfield Railroad: Elkhorn - Dante Route Add-On

Installation Instructions

Place the file 'TS2Prototype-Clinchfield-Reimagined.pak' into '(GAME_LOCATION)\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC'

  • (GAME_LOCATION) being the game directory ex. 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Train Sim World 2'

Additional Comments


  • Changed Wheat Grass texture to portray a version of the grass that's not mature/dried out
  • Further tweaked the Ballast texture and height map to remove some very small patterns and make the ballast differentiate between one another a bit better with the height map
  • Adjusted Grass texture and mask as it was causing a washed-out effect on fade between 2 textures on terrain
  • Corrected Ballast to match by bridges and tunnels
  • Minor tweaks to other textures

Changes from Original Game:

  • Replaced 2 ground textures along with their respective Diffuse, Specular, Mask (where applicable) and Normal maps.
  • Replaced ballast Diffuse and Specular maps with texture/map created by me, also replaced terrain ballast normal map with higher resolution version used with track
  • Reworked another 7 textures (Diffuse and Specular maps) to better suit the area.

Tags: clinchfield north-america reskin texture


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Railroader 26 days ago

Looks excellent!

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TheShotte 26 days ago

Thank you kindly ☺

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Ded Mozaj 18 days ago

Great buddy!
But you need to move on!
How can I contact you? \
My contact

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TheShotte 18 days ago

Why do you want to contact me, you are a bot.

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TheShotte 14 days ago

My fault bro. If you want to talk, I'm on the TSC discord, same username. 😉

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