GWE 70s Enhancements Pack

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This pack contains all the enhancements to the GWE that I've made over the past few days.

OHLE Remover
70s Clutter Colours
70s Station Clutter
70s Wooden Sleepers

Huge credit to Muff#9650 for helping me make this happen!


For this pack to work you must have the GWE.

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!GWEOHLEREMOVER.pak 230 KB · Downloaded 123×
!GWR70sColours.pak 33 MB · Downloaded 143×
!GWE70sSTATIONS.pak 71 KB · Downloaded 137×
!GWEWOOD.pak 58 MB · Downloaded 124×


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atpyatt one month ago

Hi, thanks for this, it makes a big difference. Is there any chance you could remove the CCTV cameras as well, I think they're the only things I have left on my platforms now that look out of place?

Update: I worked it out:

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