TSW 2 Dynamic Clouds visual upgrade

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This patch completely overhauls and improves the look of the dynamic clouds and the cloudscape, for TSW 2 routes which utilise the newer skybox.

Flat and 2D clouds have been completely replaced with clouds which look a lot more realistic, with much better colours representing the time of day and season, as well as the cloud patterns looking a lot more natural. These clouds are fully dynamic, so they will change shape and size as they make their way across the sky.

For the best results, choose one of the partially cloudy presents with no rain from the weather selection menu.

Note this mod does not affect older TSW 1 routes, which haven't had their skybox upgraded

Pictures have been provided and feedback and comments is appreciated.


TSW 2 routes and/or any route with the newer, upgraded skybox

Additional Comments

There are a few TSW limitations which mean there are some thing I cannot fix. These include:

  • Clouds not utilising the entire sky - there is a fade between clouds and sky in the distance
  • Clouds disappearing/opacity as night falls

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Avatar of SprattyHeath
SprattyHeath 2 months ago

A truly fantastic mod, well done!

Avatar of londonmidland
londonmidland 2 months ago

@SprattyHeath Thanks for the kind comments.

Avatar of DenisJura
DenisJura 2 months ago

Great ! Thank's.. One of the Best Mod Works Wonderful
Best regards from France

Avatar of londonmidland
londonmidland 2 months ago

@ DenisJura Not a problem

Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 2 months ago

Thanks for the job

Avatar of PDX
PDX 2 months ago

Awesome job!!!

Avatar of nie Kolejarz
nie Kolejarz one month ago

thanks, beautiful skybox

Avatar of Alex
Alex one month ago

Amazing mod, the game looks so much better because of it! 👍🏻

Avatar of tof70110
tof70110 16 days ago

belle gestion des nuages et du temps !!!

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