TGV Duplex Blue/Grey

Uploaded by Mr.Shiiba · Created 3 months ago · Updated 3 months ago ·

DTG missed the board when releasing the LGV with only one livery so I've arrived to fill the gap by adding the classic livery everyone knows and loves.


For this pack to work you must have the LGV.


!TGVBlue.pak 56 MB · Downloaded 130×


Avatar of ᴳᵒᵈHalเѕτϻaѕ CøwBøℽ ๖ۣۜ山ølf🤠
ᴳᵒᵈHalเѕτϻaѕ CøwBøℽ ๖ۣۜ山ølf🤠 3 months ago

the logo does not exist on the nose

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