Class 377 London Overground Livery

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A reskin that makes the Class 377 look like it belongs in the heart of London... based off of the Class 378's iconic LO livery. Choose between a Clean, Dirty or Weathered livery.

Also includes a separate mod that adds new destinations. Most of them are real destinations on the Overground line. Some of them are fun destinations.


East Coastway for TSW2

Installation Instructions

Put it in the DLC folder.

Tags: class377 class378 london-overground london-underground


TS2Prototype-ExpirementalLOvergroundDestListMod1.pak 58 KB · Downloaded 196×
TS2Prototype-Class377LO_CleanLiveryMod1.pak 29 MB · Downloaded 151×
TS2Prototype-Class377LO_DirtyLiveryMod1.pak 29 MB · Downloaded 127×
TS2Prototype-Class377LO_WeatheredLiveryMod2.pak 29 MB · Downloaded 158×


Avatar of Pablo
Pablo 5 months ago

Very nice. Brings me back to the old days from TS13 when the class 378 hadn't been made yet.

Avatar of BlitzoRodeo
BlitzoRodeo 4 months ago

I can't seem to get it to install.

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