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What This Mod Does:
Gameplay: Replaces your CalTrain MP15DC CT with a CSX MP15DC in YN3 livery, adds it to the Sand Patch Grade Timetable, and substitutes it into 15 Cumberland Yard Services as well as adding it to the Cumberland Switchback Scenario.

Locomotive: The original UV map of it was essentially mirrored for both sides, and the CalTrain logo decal was shaped specifically for that logo. So this is not just a reskin (there were very good reasons as to why no one has done any reskins until now), the model itself had to be modified just to allow for a proper CSX logo on the loco, not to mention the new paintjob and decals. I had to modify and re-import both the Exterior and Cab meshes of the locomotive. The resulting model is an accurate representation actual MP15DCs in YN3 livery.

⦁ Substituted GP-38 with MP15DC on 15 Cumberland Yard Services
⦁ Added MP15DC to Cumberland Switchback
⦁ New menu Thumbnail
⦁ Modified Exterior Model of MP15DC
⦁ -- Removed the polygons for the old CalTrain decal along with the hinge covers
⦁ -- Extensively changed UV map to allow for new livery
⦁ -- Added CSX logo decals to both sides, and remapped the hinges underneath the Logo so that the paint on the hinges matches
⦁ -- Added a bunch of decals all around the loco
⦁ -- Changed road numbers to all be 4 digit
⦁ -- Modeled and UV mapped new ditch light box, moved up all ditch lights to be accurate and on the same height as all CSX locos
⦁ -- Removed number board hood from the front of the cab, moved Horn to main roof (was on top of the removed hood)
⦁ -- Added number boards to the front of the nose
⦁ -- Deleted cup holder looking thing that was above the left ditch light on both front and back of loco (it's not present on CSX MP15DCs)
⦁ -- Besides the glass and like 2 cab textures (dials and whatnot), all other textures and maps were changed, some created entirely from scratch
⦁ Modified Cab Model of MP15DC
⦁ -- Changed road numbers to 4 digits
⦁ -- Modified/Removed some other decals
⦁ -- Fixed Rain FX/wiper not working on the front left cab door present on vanilla MP15DC

Yuri: MP15DC SPG Services and Substitution, Cumberland Switchback loco substitution, changing road numbers, ~50% Base Color Texture, moral support. Overall awesome person.
TheShotte: Models and changes for both Exterior and Cab models along with TSW2 engine import, 50% Base Color Texture, with a few new materials and countless other texture maps.

Please do not redistribute this file without permission. If you plan on using this for your own mods, please get our permission to do so first.


Train Sim World 2
CalTrain MP15DC Diesel Switcher Loco

Note: If you do not own the Peninsula Corridor Route and the MP15DC, but would like to play, you only need to purchase the CalTrain MP15DC Diesel Switcher Loco add-on from Steam to play this mod. Naturally, any services or scenarios for the add-on that would be playable on the Peninsula Corridor Route will be unavailable to you.

Installation Instructions

Place the file 'TS2Prototype-TS-SPG-CSX-MP15DC.pak' into '(GAME_LOCATION)\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC'

(GAME_LOCATION) being the game directory ex. 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Train Sim World 2'

Tags: csx sand-patch-grade tsw-na-freight-rolling-stock yn3


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sam67122019 2 days ago

This mod is amazing! you guys did a great job I would love to see more things like this.

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