ICE 3 St Pancras International - Amsterdam (Ends at Ebbsfleet International)

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On October 19th 2010, the FIRST ever ICE 3 train arrived at St Pancras International. Take this historic service back to Amsterdam where it terminates!

Route: St Pancras International - Ebbsfleet International


(Removes invisible walls and triggers) :
(Adds new platform options to operate on):

Installation Instructions

If you have downloaded a custom scenario route for TSW2, then put it into the SavedGames folder, go to:
Documents\My Games\TrainSimWorld2\Saved\SaveGames

Additional Comments

Note: This is not accurate to the real-life timetable on October 19th. I may update this to make it more accurate.

Also, I would love to see someone make the ICE 3 British livery! It would add the finishing touch to it!

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RedBandit one month ago

Note: This is not accurate on the timetable that was on this day, I may continue to edit this project.

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RedBandit one month ago

Since this comment mentioned a problem that is fixed now, I'd rather just not leave it here.

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Ant Craft 18 days ago

Well I have good news for you. I am working on a little something... Seeing this scenario and you pointing out how you wanted a UK ICE 3 livery got me... inspired. Still heavily WIP though.

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RedBandit 13 days ago


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