National Express

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Drive RE7 12:00 from Hagen HBF to Wuppertal stopping 3 times along the way. today you will be driving an 8 car (2x4) DB BR 442 talent 2 EMU
when the scenrio starts if you look on your right you will see a 422 loading passengers on platform 10, moments later you will see a long train of freight hauled by 2 185.3s on arriavl to enepltel you will see BR 442 NX coming from the oppisite track later on at schwelm a 422 will be loading on teh s bahn track towords wuperhatel after leaving schewln you will see dostos hauled by 146.2 and and ICE 3 406you will also see another freight train and another 422 coming the opsite direction


The livery used in the scenario for the 442 is required to play,
The repaint i used for the 422 is optional but here it is anyway

Installation Instructions

drop the file into Documents\My Games\TrainSimWorld2\Saved\SaveGames
and youl be able to use it in scenario planner


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