Great Western Express and WSR combined Scenario

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Paddington to Minehead Rail tour split into 4 scenarios.
Primarily using the Diesel legends class 52.
Scenario 1 and 4 Use GWE, GWB, ECW.
Scenario 2 and 3 Use WSR plus 33, NTP, GWE and GWB.



Installation Instructions

Not sure I can rename the scenario files and expect it to work once added to your games. So they are non descript, but listed in order 1st part starting from the top.

Additional Comments

There are reskins in this series of scenarios
I will attatch the files.
Muffs logo layer will be required for the Postal red BG and the Class 52 reskin.
BR blue reskins for the Class 33 and Mk1 coaches on the WSR are made by Mr Shiiba and available on the TSC mods section.


RF_GWB_MK2_TSO;mk 2 alt.tsw2liv 4 KB · Downloaded 13×
RF_GWB_BR_MK1;mk1 cream.tsw2liv 20 KB · Downloaded 14×
RF_GWB_MK2_FK;Railtour mk2.tsw2liv 19 KB · Downloaded 13×
RF_GWB_BR_Class52;blue railtour 52.tsw2liv 23 KB · Downloaded 13×
RF_GWB_BR_MK1;mk1 post worn.tsw2liv 9 KB · Downloaded 15×
USD_9A2208EA-4267-7EBA-B03A-CA94A5BC7A34.sav 22 KB · Downloaded 17×
USD_128F014E-47A3-66D6-9390-17B1A758D084.sav 7 KB · Downloaded 14×
USD_1891D753-4FB9-7AB6-8356-27939E98A928.sav 5 KB · Downloaded 14×
USD_F6BAD1E7-4588-659F-9862-26BB2BF6632F.sav 13 KB · Downloaded 14×


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