Great Western Express. HST to Reading or 166 to Hayes and Harlington

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A traffic rich run with either HST to Reading stopping at Slough or Select to drive the 166 on a shorter trip to Hayes and Harlington. Requirements to run as designed are Eastcoastway, The FGW enabler. Optional - the 387 texture pak for 377, and the 166 connect texture pak. The scenario is set at 17:00 for you to take advantage of the best range of light settings. Hope you enjoy.


Great Western Express DLC Eastcoastway DLC
387 texture reskin Pak preferred or you’ll get southern 377.
FGW Enabler
166 First Connect texture Pak optional for variety
GWE rebranding Pak optional for improved assets.
166 sound Patch
HST sound patch

Installation Instructions

Documents , my games, TrainSimWorld 2, saved,saved games, then simply copy your downloaded file across.

Additional Comments

Senario has been tested to run HST to Reading (top of the list) and also the 166 to Hayes and Harlington (2nd from top). Get your train setup fast enough and enjoy racing ai out of Paddington.


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