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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Pennine Explorer! A custom scenario I made myself for TSW2. Featuring the Class 802 (Reskinned 395), Class 185 (Reskinned 465), and Class 158 (Reskinned 377/4). There is a variety of services to drive from Manchester Victoria.

Reskins are included in the pack for one single download.

Changelog V1.1:

  • Added BR Class 465 as a playable service in TPE livery
  • Class 395 is no longer the default starting service
  • Added TPE logo to the 395
  • Slight timetable adjustments


Installation Instructions

Place the USD file in Documents/Mygames/Trainsimworld2/Saved

For liveries please use the livery manager

You have to delete the original TPE 395 reskin and replace it with the version contained in version 1.1 of this pack.


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JustWentSouth 2 months ago

A nice run with spectacular liveries! Thank you!

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