GO Transit Lakeshore West Line Scenarios for Oakville Subdivision

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Both eastbound and westbound scenarios included for GO Transit service between West Harbour GO and Oakville GO stations on the Lakeshore West line.


Optional GO Transit repaint for the MP36PH-3C 'Baby Bullet' train:

Optional repaints for the SPG trains used in the AI:

Installation Instructions

Place the .sav file(s) in:

\Documents\My Games\TrainSimWorld2\Saved\SaveGames
(Default Location)

Additional Comments

  • The optional repaints listed under Requirements are made by other members of the community (credited in requirements)
    The player service matches the current real life timetable which you can find here
  • The file names show when the service starts in real life. The 16:45 westbound service originates at Toronto Union Station at that time, and gets to Oakville GO around 17:25, where you take over the service in this scenario.
  • The AI trains are based on fictional times.
  • Trains from Sand Patch Grade (included with base game) are included in the AI to add more variety. CN repaints are listed under requirements if you wish to use them. These repaints are made by other members of the community. These people are credited under requirements.
  • A "legacy" repaint is also listed under requirements for the GO Transit livery for the MP36PH-3C 'Baby Bullet' train. This is also optional and is made by another member of the community credited under requirements.

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GO 1645 Lakeshore West Train from Toronto Union Station to West Harbour GO.zip 2 KB · Downloaded 40×
GO 0713 Lakeshore West Train from West Harbour GO to Toronto Union Station.zip 2 KB · Downloaded 34×


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TripleJ814 2 months ago

Coming Soon:

  • Better AI Traffic
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TripleJ814 one month ago

Update 02/18/21

  • AI Traffic has been added including static trains in yards
  • Schedules of player trains redone to match real life timetable (AI train schedules are not accurate to real life)

If there are any issues with the AI please let me know.

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Hand92250 one month ago

Thank you very much

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TripleJ814 19 days ago

Coming Soon:

  • Improved AI
  • Removal of SPG trains from AI
  • Inclusion of Max88183's GO Transit reskins for the Baby Bullet trainset

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