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”All aboard … the Night Train!”

Drive the night train North from San Jose Diridon to San Francisco. Calling at express stops - Mountain View, Palo Alto, Hillsdale, Millbrae and 22nd Street.

A Sixty minute fictional scenario with a route distance of nearly 46 Miles; which includes 23 AI trains


• DLC: Peninsula Corridor
Train driven: Passenger Locomotive F40PH-2

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the TSW2 Save file and move it into your Save Games Folder, located at:
    Documents\my games\trainsimworld2\saved\SaveGames

  2. Launch TSW2 and navigate to the PCS Train Route - Tools Tab - Scenario Designer. Here you can view, edit and play the custom scenario - THE NIGHT TRAIN

Additional Comments

• The scenario commences and concludes from within the driver’s cab.

• Your scheduled to depart San Jose Diridon at 21:01 Hrs. Your due to arrive at San Francisco no later than 22:00 Hrs. Due to a known bug at San Francisco, you’ll be required to open all the doors (both sides) to disembark the passengers. Use the tab key to “unlock all doors”.

• Please leave a comment below once you have completed the scenario, Thank You.

• To view and download any of my other TSW2 creations (all Freeware), please click on this web-link:
•• TSW2 Freeware items by Bazinga ••

Thanks for viewing and Happy Gaming.

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