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Take control of the early morning DB 422 Train Service - departing from Bochum Hbf, calling at Essen-Eiberg, Essen-Steele, Essen Hbf, Mülhein (Ruhr) Hbf, Mülheim (Ruhr) - Styrum ... finally terminating at Duisberg Hbf. You’ll encounter Forty - Four AI Trains along this route to keep you fully immersed and occupied. A Thirty minute fictional Scenario. Route Distance: 36 Kms

Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr
Experience bustling regional and commuter operations from aboard modern and well-known traction with Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr. Drive your trains over a rail network represented how it is today, complete with both routes between Essen and Bochum that are populated by different trains and services.
It’s your job to carry passengers along Deutsche Bahn’s ever-busy Rhein-Ruhr Line. Manage the complexities of keeping to the timetable, picking up and dropping off passengers in a timely yet safe and comfortable manner. Whether you’re driving, riding along or watching the action, experience all the sights and sounds of a modern German commuter line.


• DLC Add On Route: Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr

• All files and liveries required are enclosed in the Zip File:

Deutsche Bahn BR 406 Europa Repaint
Deutsche Bahn BR 422 HRR VRR
Deutsche Bahn BR 425 Glanz

• Note: Without the correct liveries installed the scenario may not play as intended!

One Modification Required

HRR Scenario Designer Path Extension • Note: Without this modification installed the scenario will not play!

Three Optional Modifications


HRR DE Localization Enhancements

Deutsche Bahn BR 406 - ICE 3M Enhancement Pack

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the enclosed Zip file and move the TSW2 SAVE file to your Save Games Folder:

• Documents\My Games\TrainSimWorld2\Saved\SaveGames

  1. Your DLC Folder is located at: • Steam\steamapps\common\Train Sim World2\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC

  2. In the enclosed Zip file move the three skins required (.Pak Files) to your DLC Folder.

  3. Download the modification required - HRR Scenario Designer Path Extension and move it to your DLC Folder.

  4. Download the optional modifications and move them to your DLC Folder.

  5. You can also use the "Mod Manager for TSW2" to complete task 3, 4 and 5 above. • https://tsw-mod-manager.de/

  6. Launch TSW2 and navigate to the HRR Train Route - Tools Tab - Scenario Designer. Here you can view, edit and play the custom scenario - EARLY MORNING COMMUTE

Additional Comments

• Keep strictly to the speed limits and be aware of the ever changing Train Signals to the North of Essen.

• Warning - North of Essen Hbf the rail network becomes very busy and congested, BE ALERT!

• The scenario commences and concludes from within the drivers cab.

  1. Insert the Master Key.
  2. Set the reverser to forward.
  3. Load the awaiting passengers.
  4. That's it, you're already to go ... hit the gas and have fun!

• Please leave below a comment (positive, or negative) once you have completed the scenario, Thanks.

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• If you enjoyed this custom scenario, I have more listed here: https://mods.trainsimcommunity.com/author/bazinga

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