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The reflection of four distinct personalities!

Today you will drive "FOUR" different German Trains, all within this one mega scenario. Each train unit has its own personality, characteristics and charm. However, there is no time for nostalgia, you have a very taxing schedule to complete!

A 70-minute fictional scenario with a “round trip” of 92 Kilometers, which includes 4 Player Trains and 42 AI-Trains.


Drive 1. DB BR406 / Inter City Express
Drive 2. DB BR425 / Straßenbahn
Drive 3. DB BR766 / Regional Express
Drive 4. DB BR185 / Freight Service

Note 1. To “take control” of any additional trains you must be sat in the driver seat. During each train swap you will receive an on-screen controller message – Click BEGIN!

Note 2. You will have approximately TWO minutes to change trains each time; obviously dependent upon your train driving skills and your ability to locate the next train swap platform! After each train swap, AI-Train drivers will take control of your last train driven.

Note 3. If you fail to meet any of your ”take control timings,” then you should enter the train as a passenger, or Co-driver! If you miss your next connecting train and it departs without you; you will have totally failed this scenario. “Hit Escape and try again!”


Drive 1. Duisburg to Essen/ Depart 1801Hrs - Arrive 1811Hrs
a. Drive the DB BR406 from Duisburg to Essen nonstop.
b. Set up your train as normal and load your passengers. Depart on time, when the signals allow.
c. Once you arrive at Essen Platform 6 apply the train brakes, disembark your passengers and then dismount this train.
d. Go via the underpass to the S-Bahn parked at Essen Platform 9 and take control of this train before 1815Hrs.

Drive 2. Essen to Bochem/ Depart 1816Hrs - Arrive 1833Hrs
a. Drive the DB BR425 S-Bahn from Essen to Bochem, with scheduled stops.
b. Set up your train as normal and load your passengers. Depart on time, when the signals allow.
c. Once you arrive at Bochem Platform 8 apply the train brakes, disembark your passengers and then dismount this train.
d. Go via the underpass to the DB BR766 parked at Bochem Platform 3 and take control of this train before 1835Hrs.

Drive 3. Bochem to Essen/ Depart 1836Hrs - Arrive 1848Hrs
a. Drive the DB BR766 from Bochem to Essen, with scheduled stops.
b. Set up your train as normal and load your passengers. Depart on time, when the signals allow.
c. Once you arrive at Essen Platform 2 apply the train brakes, disembark your passengers and then dismount this train.
d. Walk over to the DB BR185 parked at Essen Platform 1 and take control of this final train before 1850Hrs.

Drive 4. Essen to Duisburg/ Depart 1852Hrs - Arrive 1906Hrs
a. Drive the DB BR185 freight train from Essen to Duisburg nonstop.
b. Set up your train as normal and depart on time, when the signals allow.
c. Once you arrive back at Duisburg Hbf, the scenario will end as normal.


Drive 1. DB BR406 @ Duisburg Platform 12 - depart 1801Hrs
Drive 2. DB BR425 @ Essen Platform 9 - take control before 1815Hrs
Drive 3. DB BR766 @ Bochem Platform 3 - take control before 1835Hrs
Drive 4. DB BR185 @ Essen Platform 1 - take control before 1850Hrs

#. If you manage to complete all four stages … “CONGRATULATIONS!


• DLC: Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr - The route to be driven
• DLC: Schnellfahrstrecke Köln-Aachen
• DLC: Main Spessart Bahn

• Trains / Locomotives required:

DB BR146.2
DB BR185.2
DB BR425
DB BR766.2 - Dbpbzfa


Modification Required

HRR Scenario Designer Path Extensionby TaskPlays

Note: Without this modification installed the scenario will not load!


Reskin Required

30 Year Anniversary Edition - DB BR406 3M ICE All accreditations belong to Simuzo - Rail-Sim.de.
I have included this great livery design in the download section below, for those that cannot read German.

Note: Without the correct liveries installed, the scenario may not play as intended!


Optional Modifications

HRR DE Localization Enhancementsby TaskPlays

BR 422 (HRR) Destination Enhancementsby TaskPlays

Matrix Destination Displays Characters Expanded (DB BR 422, 423, 425)by TaskPlays


Installation Instructions

Download the enclosed TSW2 SAVE file and move it into your Save Games Folder, located at:
• Documents\My Games\TrainSimWorld2\Saved\SaveGames

Download the "One Modification Required" and any of the "Optional Modifications." Place each "PAK File" into your DLC Folder, located at:
• Steam\steamapps\common\train sim world2\windowsnoeditor\ts2prototype\content\DLC

Download and install the "One Livery Required" with the TSW2 Livery Manager

Launch TSW2 and navigate to the HRR Train Route - Tools Tab - Scenario Designer. Here you can view, edit and play the custom scenario – QUADROPHENIA

Additional Comments


Once you have mastered "QUADROPHENIA" as a Train Driver and completed the scenario in full, then re-play the scenario over again! However this time on DRIVE 2 (S-Bahn) and DRIVE 3 (Dbpbzfa), "ride the train as a passenger, or Co-driver!" Sit in the passenger carriages admiring the view, or walk around inside; whilst the AI-Driver controls the train. You must complete DRIVE 1 & DRIVE 4 as the Train Driver.
"Let the train take the strain"!

• A big thank you to TaskPlays for his outstanding modification: HRR Scenario Designer Path Extension.

• Thanks to Simuzo @ Rail-Sim.de, your German Banner ICE design is awesome!

• Please leave a comment below once you have completed this scenario. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated, Thank You.

• To download any of my other TSW2 creations (all Freeware), please click on this web-link:

•• TSW2 Freeware items by Bazinga ••

Thanks for viewing and Happy Gaming.

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BAZINGA 14 days ago

THANK YOU to everyone who has downloaded this scenario, I hope you had fun!

Don't be "SHY," please leave a comment below about this scenario.

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JustWentSouth 12 days ago

That was amazing! The AI were everywhere and the timings were excellent. It was a bit of a scramble at Bochum platform because I am out of practice with the 425 and was late arriving, but I just snuck in the door as a passenger on the third run before the BR766 left the platform. The freight run by itself was excellent; plenty of traffic to deal with. Thank you for putting this together. I am sure it took much time and effort to put together such a great set of runs.

Avatar of BAZINGA
BAZINGA 12 days ago

Thanks for your great comments.

This scenario was a nightmare to link all together, matching all the AI times with four separate drives. However all my efforts were worthwhile, because the challenge was hard (ish), but also a lot of fun to make and test drive.

Happy Gaming.

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