BR101+Coaches Repaint pack

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This is a big repaint Pack for the BR101 from Dovetailgames
Included are repaints for the loco,for the first class coaches and for the second class
In the BR101.rar file are the repaints for the loco,in the first class.rar are the files for the first class and in the second class.rar are the files for the second class.
The pack includes real and fictional liverys,a list of the liverys is in the "liste repaints" file
Note:The livery called e.g. "OBB Lok" are the locos,the liverys called e.g."OBB alt 1" are the first class coaches and the "OBB alt 2" are the second class coaches
If there is nothing behind the name its always the loco.
If my knowledge is right all repaints are fictiv for the loco and the cars,but if I am wrong you can correct me
Have fun to play!


TSW 2 Base game
Hauptstrecke Rhein Ruhr
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Second class Repaints.rar 11 KB · Downloaded 18×
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tom/ 19 days ago

Amazing repaints, good job!

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