Caltrain BR 423

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The CalTrain Modernization Program, or CalMod for short, is a major project taking place along the Peninsula Corridor route. Electrification of the line paves the way for an enhanced service frequency as well as environmental benefits. New electric double decker trains, delivered by Stadler Rail, will provide more capacity and will enhance the passenger experience.

With this mod, you can be among the first to experience electric traction along the Peninsula Corridor!


Installation Instructions

To install this reskin, make sure you have the logo pack mod installed (see requirements). Then, install using the TSW2 Livery Manager tool:


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kevin2120am 4 days ago

Hello. just wanted to tell you that rush hour is coming this summer, and can you please make the BR 423 MBTA purple line livery? i just wanted to see it just here to ask if you make it, i'm very impress about your very creative liveries on different type on trains. thanks.

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