Ceske Drahy Cargo Class 66

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Class 66 locomotive in the Czech national cargo operator, Ceske Drahy Cargo, livery.


East Coastway Route
TSW Livery Manager

Installation Instructions

Install via TSW Livery Manager

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RF_ECW_Class66;Ceske Drahy Cargo.tsw2liv 8 KB · Downloaded 30×


Avatar of Mr Creeper
Mr Creeper 2 months ago

Doesnt really look nice...you could maybe have add the CD Logo

Avatar of lukas43306
lukas43306 2 months ago

Unfortunately, as much as I had tried to add my own CD logo, I had no luck in successfully and adequality replicating it. If the logo gets added into a logo pack, then I will most definitely add it on, however this currently isn't an option.

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