China HKSAR KCR Railway KTT Kinki Sharyo Double Decker Coaches (DBpza 780 Dosto+DBpbzfa 767 Control Cab Livery)

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These coaches are representing the KTT's 10 double deckers, combine this with China HKSAR KCR Railway KTT Lok 2000 (Re 465) Electric Locomotive (BR 182 RT Livery) to create a strange KTT with no double engine but a control cab.

Notice the Control Cab (Representing the engine behind the set) facing outward with Green side, representing KTT sometimes switch the facing of Locomotive due to lack of maintainence by MTR as they are the only 2 electric Locomotive in Area, think it like Class 91's flat head side.


  • BR 182 DLC
  • Rapid Transit (RT) DLC (For 182)
  • Raging Lightning's TSW2 Livery Manager

Installation Instructions

See this Video:

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RF_DBpbzfa_767;KCR KTT Cab.tsw2liv 23 KB · Downloaded 17×
RF_DBpza_780;KCR KTT Kinki Sharyo.tsw2liv 18 KB · Downloaded 16×


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I got no idea how to set this correct with 182+Dosto as the control cab will be on wrong direction (flat side facing outward) (NOT a joke), but you seems able to use it if start with Dosto first

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