DB-BR-101-Rheingold-Blue Zawal

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Set DB-BR-101-Rheingold-Blue


DLC BR 101


NRM_DB_BR101_RF;BR-101-RHEINGOLD-BLUE.tsw2liv 121 KB · Downloaded 92×
RF_NRM_DB_BR101_Avmmz;Avmmz-RHEINGOLD-BLUE.tsw2liv 64 KB · Downloaded 79×
RF_NRM_DB_BR101_Bpmmz;Bpmmz-RHEINGOLD-BLUE.tsw2liv 67 KB · Downloaded 91×


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Monder 3 months ago

Nice looking set. Just bear in mind both this and the red version were basically just stickers and the 101 wearing them still had Verkehrsrot on the top of the cab ending just before the curve of the roof, on headlights, UIC sockets and window grab irons. Looked weird, but it was how it was.

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