TGV Lyria

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TGV Lyria (TGV for Switzerland)'s new livery on the Duplex.


LGV Méditerranée
Livery Editor Logo Pack v1.2 or above (get the latest version as of 31/3/21 (3/31/21) here)

Additional Comments

This livery was created off of jeanpierrem's TGV InOui V1 reskin, since I'm not talented enough to remake the Carmillon livery. If you like this livery, please considering downloading jean's!

Tags: sbb sbb-cff-ffs sncf switzerland tgv tgv-lyria


RF_LGV_SNCF_TGVDuplex200;TGV Lyria.tsw2liv 1 MB · Downloaded 117×


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