Class 465 Connect, Airlink AND Waterline

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So I decided to make an Airlink 465, and to compliment it a Connect 465, and then to complete it all, a Waterline 465, so here ya go. download what you want, do not ask for express because I have standards.


RagingLighting's TSW2 Livery Manager
Class 465/9

Installation Instructions

use RagingLighting's TSW2 Livery Manager to install this.

Additional Comments

Fixed body colour issue on Connect Livery

Tags: 465 class-465 networker scr waterline wl


RF_SEH_SE_Class465-9;465 Waterline.tsw2liv 157 KB · Downloaded 77×
RF_SEH_SE_Class465-9;465 Airlink.tsw2liv 157 KB · Downloaded 70×
RF_SEH_SE_Class465-9;465 Connect.tsw2liv 157 KB · Downloaded 72×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 6 times before being withdrawn.


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Randomguy 3 months ago

sorry all but unfortunately the original waterline 465 in the photos has been lost after a game corruption :(

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