Class 395 Virgin Trains Livery Pack

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The year is 2022, SE Have gone bankrupt and Richard Branson is in the need for speed. As always, He uses his wealth to purchase a fleet of Class 395's.

In this pack, You will recieve two reskins. The Striped Door variant and the Grey Door variant. Due to the striped doors requiring tonnes of layers, The Striped Door has Less detail. The Grey Door features a door sticker everywhere, First class stickers and more epicness.


This reskin requires the Modded Logo Livery Pack. This can be downloaded here

Installation Instructions

Use TSW2 Livery Manager, That can be found here

Additional Comments

I hope you enjoy my creation! If you want more WCML-Styled goodness, You can checkout my Avanti Pride Livery for the Class 395 right here!


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RF_SEH_SE_Class395;Virgin - Striped Doors.tsw2liv 1 MB · Downloaded 114×


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