Airlink Class 375/9 (SCR)

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This reskin is based on the Class 387 (Airlink) from the popular UK train operation game on Roblox called Stepford County Railway (SCR). This is a "Airlink" Livery for the Class 375/9 in Train Sim World 2.

Please be aware that the 375/9 only works on the South Eastern High Speed (SEHS) route DLC. If you want to use this on the East Coastway (ECW) route DLC, create a custom scenario via the scenario planner and add the 375/9 to it.

Thank you TripleJ814 for assisting me with the livery.


Installation Instructions

TSW 2 Reskins installation guide by Steven Jam:


Additional Comments

NOTE: The screenshots are taken in the South Eastern High-Speed (SEHS) DLC route using a custom scenario.

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Mr TrainGuy 4 months ago


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Max88183 4 months ago

Thank you!

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Mr TrainGuy 4 months ago

No problem!

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Mr Creeper 3 months ago

Can you make a Express 395?

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Max88183 2 months ago

I've tried and it has proven too hard. I'm looking into doing the 465 soon.

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