1972 Stock "AIT 2.0"

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I decided one day to add some Class 465 style headlights and a yellow front onto the 1972 Stock, I Intend this to be a fictional "Refurbishment" of the London Underground AIT, It's still a W.I.P. Enjoy!


TSW2 Livery Manager

Note: Needs London Underground Bakerloo Line

Installation Instructions

Use the TSW2 Livery Manager to install this mod.

Additional Comments

I do intend on adding Underground branding and more details, but this is a start

Tags: fictional tsw2-reskins-uk-fictional unbranded wip


RF_BKR_LUL_72stock;Diagnostics Train.tsw2liv 8 KB · Downloaded 41×


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Randomguy 5 months ago

Fix coming soon

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