Virgin Trains ICE3M Pendolino

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This is my Pendolino inspired Virgin Trains ICE 3M! Decided to go for the older Pendolino door design, as I thought it looked cooler. However, I can always do the newer grey one if people want it.


Installation Instructions

  1. Download the .tsw2liv file
  2. Put the file in your TSW2 Livery Manager Exports folder
  3. Open TSW2 Livery Manager, click on the livery in the list and press import
  4. Enjoy!

Additional Comments

Do not re-post my livery, or a modified version of my livery, anywhere else without my permission. If I have gotten anything wrong, either on the livery itself or in the this post, please let me know so I can correct it. The best way to see my future projects is via the discord server I am in (link below).

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