Class 465 GWR Pack

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So I looked at this website for recent mods, and saw a mod for the class 166, and I thought "What if I made a class 465 GWR Repaint in TSW2"


RagingLightning's TSW2 Livery Manager
465/9 DLC
(No logo pack in this one :D)

Installation Instructions

Use RagingLightning's TSW2 Livery Manager to install this

Additional Comments

Going to make weathered version
Added Weathered variant
Fixed wrong shade of green on each cab end
First 2 Images are of the un-weathered version, last 2 are of the weathered version

Tags: 465 british class-465 great-western-railway gwr networker


RF_SEH_SE_Class465-9;465 GWR Un-Weathered.tsw2liv 206 KB · Downloaded 99×
RF_SEH_SE_Class465-9;465 GWR Weathered.tsw2liv 211 KB · Downloaded 82×

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