China HKSAR KCR Railway Metro Cammell AC EMU 'Yellow Cab' (GCC Class 314 Livery)

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This was in the 'British' area because the Metro Cammell EMU share a lot of common with PEP
This livery use Class 314 to represent the KCR's Metro Cammell AC EMU Units before refurbrishment. These units use a yellow cab and a white livery, similar to MTR's DC units. These units has a red belt along with the KCR's post-electrification symbol with 2 bars similar with British Rail, unlike the modern one with single bar.
Notice: This livery had not yet finish the last car as my passion used up for assembling this symbol. Soon or later this will be updated with a full livery. Also, the thickness of belt and symbol was clearly wrong, but at least it looks similar with real life.
Update: The current version are now finished with 3 carrige all painted. However, I should figure how to adjust the thickness of belt as real life in future---god know how long that take


Cathcart Circle Line DLC
Raging Lightning's TSW2 Livery Manager

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