MNRR M7 Livery Pack

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This livery is the MNRR M7 livery instead of the LIRR Livery. This includes a clean MNRR M7 and a Dirty MNRR M7.


  • TSW2 PC Ver.
  • Long Island Railroad PRESERVED COLLECTION DLC for TSW2
  • RagingLightnings Livery Manager

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Additional Comments

As soon as I saw the LIRR have the Livery changing abilities, I knew I had to do it to em.

Tags: lirr m7 mnrr


RF_LIRR_M7;Metro North M7.tsw2liv 327 KB · Downloaded 67×
RF_LIRR_M7;Dirty Metro North M7.tsw2liv 329 KB · Downloaded 55×


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