Clinchfield F7A & F7B in Weathered Black Livery

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A Clinchfield RR F7A in weathered CRR black livery along with the sole F7B example (No. 861) to be repainted in the CRR black livery. Both units have only been lightly weathered due to lack of layers.

V2 - F7B unit now added to make an A+B set


Clinchfield DLC & TSW Livery Manager.

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Updated to v2 - F7B unit now added to make an A+B set

Tags: clinchfield f7a f7b tsw2


RF_CRR_F7A;CRR Black Weathered.tsw2liv 199 KB · Downloaded 72×
RF_CRR_F7B;CRR Black Weathered.tsw2liv 197 KB · Downloaded 43×


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