MNRR bridge platforms

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This pack includes five differents types pf bridge platforms used on Metro-North Railroad network, from Hudson/Harlem lines to the New Haven Line.
Is also included a stop marker for trains, so they can stop on the right place.
The bridges should also be usable on NJT routes as theirs are similiar to Metro-North ones.
Feel free to add these to your scenarios to make them more interesting!

Installation Instructions

Unzip the "MNRR Bridge Platforms for" file and copy the Asset folder in your Train Simulator folder which will be something like "<Disk>:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks".

To get these available in game, you need to abilitate the product "MNRRTemporaryPlatforms" under the provider "Ragno".
You can find these assets under "Track Infrastrutture" category

Additional Comments

For anything, you can contact me via Discord Ragno#4388 or via Emain [is on the readme file].

About modification, give a look at readme file.

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Avatar of StevenJam
StevenJam 20 days ago

Great asset for any East Coast Scenario Builders!

Avatar of Lenny
Lenny 19 days ago

oh yeah, this is hot

Avatar of Lenny
Lenny 19 days ago

Will this work for QD sessions?

Avatar of Mattia F. / Ragno
Mattia F. / Ragno 19 days ago

if you made the QD, maybe, although i can't give a sure answer as I don't know how QD actually works, but on default QDs it won't appear; I made it for Standard scenarios and not Quick Drives, sorry.

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