BB15000 QWERTY Inputmapper

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At present, the Simexpress BB15000 only comes with an AZERTY inputmapper, after getting tired of using Q for throttle and W for brake, I put together a QWERTY inputmapper. I set the keybinds to be in line with those of the BB4400 inputmapper, not with those stated in the manual.
Throttle: A D
Reverser: W S
Traction Lever: Q E
VI lever: Y C
Auto Start: Ctrl+E
Circuit Breaker: Shift+Y
Brake Quick Release: /
Train Brakes: ; '
Loco Brakes: [ ]


SimExpress BB15000

Installation Instructions

Back up the BB15000_expert.bin and BB15000_expert.xml in RailWorks\Assets\SimExpress\BB 4400 kW\InputMappers then drag and drop the the replacements included in the .7z

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