Soldier Summit F40PH Roadnumber Patch

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Amtrak employed several different subtypes of F40PHs - Phase 1, Phase 2a, Phase 2b, Phase 3. While they generally look the same, each of these has its own unique identifying features.

The subtype modeled in the Soldier Summit route is the Phase 2b design. However, the autonumbering for the locomotive is set for earlier and differently configured Phase 1 design (roadnumbers 200-229).
This patch will correct the autonumbering to match the proper F40PH subclass (roadnumbers 280-328).


DTG Soldier Summit Route

Installation Instructions

First, go to the directory:

and make a backup of the file 'F40PH_numbers.DCSV' - a common way of doing this is to rename the original file to something such as 'BACKUP_F40PH_numbers.DCSV'.

Copy the included file 'F40PH_numbers.DCSV' to the following directory:


If you receive a prompt asking to overwrite the file 'F40PH_numbers.DCSV', that likely means that you have decided to tempt fate by not renaming/backing up the original file.
I am not responsible for any troubles that may arise from that negligence.

Congratulations, you have installed the number fix.

Additional Comments

It seems that many workshop and Career scenarios that use this locomotive have manually assigned numbers. In most cases, these numbers are wrong.
As this is a fix for autonumbering, this does patch does not change the numbering in such cases.

If you have any questions, please reach me via the TrainSimCommunity Discord at CFB#8330

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