[DRT] 1Q93 0606 Norwich T.M.D. to Willesden T.M.D

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On a slightly rainy summer morning in 2009, take 1Q93, the 6:06 AM Norwich to Willesden test train down the Fen Line from Ely to Kings Lynn. I have also included a second version of this scenario that does not require the DT BR wagon pack (or it’s reskin.)


4 Aspect Simulations Fen Line (and it’s requirements)
VP DT BR Wagons Reskin Pack
AP Class 37 Vol. 2
AP MK2D-F Pack
DT British Rail Wagon Pack (1960-2000)
AP Class 365 EP
AP Class 170 EP
AP Class 66 EP
RSC EWS Class 66
Thomson Class 170

Installation Instructions

Copy the 'Content' folder into your Railworks folder.

Tags: class-37 fen-line


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