The Dragon Lady Strikes Again

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Thank you for downloading this scenario for RSC's Donner Pass route.

It's December 1995. The Holiday rush is in full swing, and the SP is buzzing with intermodal and merchandise traffic.
You are the engineer of SP 9273 East, stopped in the siding at Gold Run for traffic to clear.
You will soon resume the unforgiving climb up the west slope of SP's famed Donner Pass.
You are handling a relatively short train today, but nontheless you will still need to throttle up to haul your train ove the hill.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: In Order to understand the name of the scenario, you must play through the scenario.
It will make perfect sense once you have.
During the climax of the scenario (no spoilers) be sure to save the game frequently as it is very easy to mess up by mistake. This scenario
is meant to recreate an underlooked but serious event that can take place on the mainline.



Donner Pass

SP SD45T-2


(All of which are Steam Payware DLC)

Installation Instructions


  1. Extract the files to your desired location on your computer.

  2. Navigate to your railworks directory.

  3. Drop the 'Assets' file into your Railworks folder

  4. Overwrite when prompted

  5. Enjoy!

Additional Comments

If you have any scenario suggestions for the future, please PM me on RWA (STBoyII) or Discord (ACAAllertor
#6088) and let me know.

Copyright 2020 STBoyII. Scenario may not be reproduced in any way without written consent of creator (me).

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