The Port of Brownsville Texas

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Thanks for downloading my Port of Brownsville Texas Route. The Port of Brownsville is a deep-water seaport in Brownsville, at the Southernmost tip of Texas. Opened in 1936, the port is connected to the Gulf of Mexico by a 17-mile-long ship channel. With approximately 40,000 acres, the Port of Brownsville is also the largest land-owning public port authority in the nation.


1.DTG Gilroy
2.DTG Miami
3.DTG Caltrain
5.Eyein12 Settle Portland
6.Eyein12 Soo-Line
7.G-Trax Portland Terminal
8.RCAP Assets Pack V2 (Railworks America)

Installation Instructions

Just drag and drop the content in the zip into your railworks main directory folder

Additional Comments

make sure to download the asset file in the Train Simulator Patches section on the site for this route scenery.
Also this is just a switching route no mainline running so there is no QD. You must make your own switching scenarios



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