Amtrak ACS-64 642

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A repaint of the New York - New Haven ACS-64 into the special livery carried by 642 since 2015 celebrating America's veterans.

IMPORTANT - if you downloaded this prior to 2/17/21, please reinstall the package. An update has been made since then that corrects some minor texture issues; please see the readme for more details.



New York - New Haven from Steam

Installation Instructions

  1. Either install the .rwp included in this download with Utilities.exe, or open the .rwp with the program of your choice and drag the "Assets" folder into your main RailWorks folder.
  2. Navigate to Steam/steamapps/common/RailWorks/Assets/RSC/NewYorkNewHaven/RailVehicles/Electric/ACS-64/Default/Engine
  3. Copy "ACS-64.GeoPcDx"
  4. Paste this file in .../Assets/RSC/NewYorkNewHaven/RailVehicles/Electric/ACS-64/Default/Engine_642

Additional Comments

To use in scenarios, just tick RSC/NewYorkNewHaven to enable the reskin. It will then show up as "ACS-64 Amtrak 642..."

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StevenJam 4 months ago

Really great to see 642 finally done properly for the game!

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