SP 4449 Texture Brightening

Uploaded by RocketStephen · Created 6 months ago · Updated 6 months ago · 70×

This Mod Brightens up the textures of the 4449, and keeps the old ones! (So not to replace or damage anything)


You MUST Have The Southern Pacific GS-4 From G-TraX, if not then there's no point to you getting this: https://store.steampowered.com/app/208352/Train_Simulator_Southern_Pacific_GS4_Loco_AddOn/

Installation Instructions

A Read Me.txt Has the Installation instructions (If you have already installed reskins, it's basically the same process)

Tags: 4449 locomotive rocketstephen southern-pacific steam steamloco texture ts-na-steam


SP4449.7z 5 MB · Downloaded 70×


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