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Hello! So I recently updated some of my BNSF ES44DC reskins and decided to put them all into one pack! Enjoy! So I saw all you all's critism on the H3 ES44DC so I decided to edit the logos so they can look better I guess you could say. Hope you guys enjoy the improments!


BNSF ES44DC Locomotive Addon DLC (19.99$) -

Installation Instructions

extract the BNSF Reskin file

Copy the reskins you want and paste them to steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks\Assets\RSC\ES44BNSFPack01\RailVehicles

Additional Comments

Reskins included in the pack:

Weathered BNSF H3 reskin 1.0

Clean BNSF H3 reskin 1.2

BNSF H3 Golden Swoosh reskin 1.0

BNSF H4 reskin 1.3

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Ok the Golden Swoosh number is wrong the IRL Golden Swoosh's number is 7695

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Brandon Railfan 13 days ago

I understand that. I haven't figured out how to change locomotive numbers yet. Whenever I do, I'll post the Golden Swoosh reskin v1.2. Thanks for the feedback!

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